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Audax UK - the long-distance UK cycling organization. A source of useful information and some good links.

British Cycling - speaks for itself !

British Heart Foundation - organizes sponsored walks and bicycle rides especially the Big Red Randonnee on the South Downs Way and the Goodwood(Motor Racing Circuit) Event

Cyclists' Touring Club - CTC, the UK's largest national cycling organization.

West Sussex DA CTC

Bognor & Chichester Section

Brighton & Hove Section

Arun Adur Section

East Sussex DA CTC

CTC's British Cycle Quest - see the English countryside by visiting specific sites(402 in total) and gain an award

CTC DA's Tourist Competition - enter a variety of CTC events and get a trophy or an award

East Sussex County Council - a list of leisure facilities, cycling shops and lots of other things in Sussex

Hayling Cycle Club - charity raising cycling organization

South East Cycling - a list of cycling clubs, leisure activities and places to eat in the South East of England

Sustrans - the organization for sustainable transport and cycle routes in Britain.

Worthing - all you need to know about Worthing-by-the-sea!

Other Clubs and Organizations

Cycling on Eurosport - all the latest about cycling competitions

Human Powered Vehicle Home Page - Recumbents, fairings, and more

Llantwit Major & Vale Cycling Touring Club - the oldest cycling club from South Wales

OCD - Ordre des Cols Durs - the mountain-pass climbing club!

Rough-Stuff Fellowship - mountain bikes not necessary

Tandem Club of America - speaks for itself !

Wide Open Road Ltd - cycling holidays in Europe for those who like a challenge!

Vectis Roads Cycling Club - The cycling club from the Isle of Wight.

Bricycles - Cycle campaigning Club in the Brighton area

Transport 2000 - Organisation promoting Green Transport

Information                                                  Top of Page

Bicycle Doctor - an informative website giving good information of current types and styles of bikes to cover most aspects of cycling.

BicycleLane - a very comprehensive website from a cycling colleague in Canada with many links trying to cover everything! - sometimes quite amusingly. .

Bike Week - an annual celebration covering one whole week of all things to do with bicycles and cycling. Take a look to find out what's going on in your area.

BretonBikes - Cycling holidays in France 

Cycling Hall of Fame - a complete guide to cycling events and famous cyclists.

Cycling UK - UK links and information.

Goldeneye Maps - suppliers of on-road and off-road cycling maps.

Harvey Maps At last! Speciality maps produced specifically and created for different leisure pursuits. Unfortunately, they are somewhat limited at present to certain areas, e.g., Yorkshire.


Amberley Working Museum - an excellent exhibition of industrial activities and has regular events concentrating on particular products, eg., Bicycles, Motorcycles, Steam Engines, etc. It also has a good cafe. Why not take out a year's membership - just 3 visits will recover the cost!
Cycling Museum, Camelford, Cornwall. situated in the old Victorian Railway Station, it is open Sundays to Thursdays, all year round.
National Cycle Exhibition, Llandrindod Wells, Powys. situated in the Automobile Palace, Temple Street.

Physical Sports Medical Journal - detailed medical reports involving sporting activities, in particular saddle design

Raynaud's disease - US website giving helpful information about this circulation problem and cycling in general.

Science of Cycling - comprehensive history of cycles and cycling.

S.S. Solandem - Supplemented and Safety Solo & Tandem combined bike. Barry Deacon of Brighton & Hove, Sussex has developed his unique system enabling disabled people to enjoy the benefits of cycling.

Travelling with Bicycles by Air/Rail/Ferries/Other - A growing source of very useful information and you can add your own experiences to the collection!

Trento Bike Pages - a classic European cycling site.

Virtual Alps - very good site giving great views and descriptions of the best hill-climbs across Europe including instructions of how to get to them.

Weird Cyclelanes - a very amusing website giving pictorial views of West Sussex County Councils ludricous attempts to promote cycling in the county. Everyone can contribute to this one!

Way To Go - a campaign to influence Government transport policy and primarily to promote sustainable transport.

YHA - Youth Hostel Association, inexpensive accommodation covering the whole of the British Isles.

Manufacturers                                              Top of Page

Carbon Sports - German manufacturers of hi-tech carbon fibre competition bikes.

Curve Inc. - American manufacturer of cycling socks - yes, I said socks!

Folding Bicycles - for all types of folding bikes, Full-size Folding bike and Airnimal folding bicycles.

Historic Hetchins website.

Mesicek Classic Bikes - American manufacturer of classic "Ordinary"(big-wheelers) bikes and accessories.

Orbit - manufacturers of expedition, touring and Audax bikes

Raleigh - old established bicycle manufacturer

Reynolds - high quality frame tubing

The Seat of the Pants Company - makers of the famous Windcheetah recumbent tricycle and other more utility vehicles. 

S & S Torque Couplings - for people with large bikes and small cars! A complete guide to these couplings which are available from Bob Jackson Cycles and St. John Street Cycles

Santana Tandems - the Rolls-Royce of tandems in the USA?

Swallow Tandem Homepage - custom and imported tandems in Wales

Bike Shops                                                  Top of Page

Carradice - leading manufacturer of cycling accessories.

CTC shop - large, well-stocked shop just north of Purley, South London, next to Jeep dealer on the A235, Brighton Road.

Cycling Bargains - on-line shop with some end-of-line stock and some special offers. on-line sports shop with a cycling section. Very good deals. The company has shops in Northern France as well as London.

Deeside Cycles - very good website with easy menu and helpful pics and mail order.

Evans Cycles - another good website with a large store at Gatwick, near Crawley. Local news, events and sponsored rides both on- and off-road are detailed.

GB Cycles - well-stocked shop in Croydon with lots of helpful advice run by the Butler family, manufacturers of leading racing bikes in the 60s & 70s, and includes Gethin Butler, current record holder of the End-to-End.

MSG, Lancing Cycles - Mud, Sweat & Gears in Lancing. Bikes and accessories for on and off-road.

Omega Cycles - offering new bikes and accessories.

Ribble Cycles - suppliers of serious cycle parts but with some good deals on tyres.

Rose Versand - a German supplier of everything needed for cycling and some that are not available in the UK! (see Cycle magazine, Oct/Nov 2003, page 57) Everything is priced in Euros and can be cheaper than the UK equivalent.
Don't forget to click on the Union Jack flag in the top right corner unless you are fluent in German!

Settle Cycles - good on-line store with some great deals.

St. John Street Cycles - excellent site with good menu, good pics, helpful advice, mail order and tandems too!

Total Cycling- a useful Irish site listing parts and accessories with good pics and mail order.

Xpedia- a comprehensive stockist of bicycles, components and clothing

   Wiggle - online bike parts and clothing

   Gearshift - online version of their accessories and clothing catalogue

Safety                                                    Top of Page

~Bicycle Helmet FAQ - An easy-to-read summary of various points (from Canada).

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute - The view for compulsory helmet wearing (from America).

~Cyclists' Rights Action Group - The view against compulsory helmet laws (from Australia).

Cyclecraft - John Franklin's comprehensive guide to cycling in safety.

Technical Stuff                                              Top of Page

Analytic cycling - very comprehensive website detailing the 'hows' and 'whys'.

Brake material - very comprehensive website giving information on every type of brake material and for all conditions.

Building Bicycle Wheels by Sheldon Brown - often quoted on the net.

Cycling Performance Tips - very comprehensive site detailing what to have and what to do.

Willie's PWM - clever electronics to squeeze more out of your batteries.

Members Websites

Harvey Probert Landscaping

Website by Club Member Harvey Probert on his Landscaping Business. Site designed by Edwin Jones



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